Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Does the school accept students who list the University as their UME second choice?  


2.    What is the cut-off mark for eligible post-UME?  

       This is a yearly decision depending on the candidate’s performance.

3.    Does the University accept NECO certificates?  


4.    What qualifications do I need?

       See the University Entry Requirements section online.

5.    What are the application processes for Undergraduate Studies?  

       JAMB/UTME for candidates with O’ level certificates. JAMB direct entry for candidates with A’ Level diploma or degree certificates.

6.    What are the application processes for Postgraduate Studies?  

       Refer to PG School.

7.    Are photocopies of my credentials acceptable?

       They are acceptable for UTME candidates. Direct Entry candidates will present the original certificates during interviews.

8.    Can I defer my admissions for any reason?

       Yes, but after registration and obtaining a Matriculation number.

9.    What is a Matriculation number?

       A matriculation number, which can be called a Matric or Registration number, is given to a student immediately they are accepted and are registered. This becomes the legal form of identification, for examinations. Most forms of registration within the University would require a    Registration number to make it valid.

10.    Do you accept transfer students?

        See guidelines on Inter-University Transfer.

11.    Do I stand a better chance at admission if I’m Nigerian?

         No. The University has an obligation to accept any person with the heart to maximize the definite academic opportunities it creates through its admission processes, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

12.    When and how do I receive notice of the University’s admission decision?

         The admission decisions of the University is announced in a national newspaper, and can also be found either on the school main website, on within the Faculty sub-sites.

13.    Are there special requirements for International students?

         No. The requirements are the same as with other students.

14.    Can I combine NECO and WAEC certificates for acceptance into any department?

         Yes. But this combination would not hold with Medicine.

15.    How do I get a Matriculation Number?

         A matriculation number is automatically generated once a new student is cleared online by the Faculty Officer. The same Faculty Officer gives this number to you.

16.    What would cause a withdrawn admission?

         When it is discovered that the student in question does not possess the Entry Requirements.

17.    What do I do if my profile is shut down/ inaccessible?

        Report to the Admission Office.

18.    Can I change to another department if I am not comfortable in my present department?

         Yes; if your CGPA is not less than 1.00.

19.    What are the processes for change of department?

         By the end of the 2nd semester of every session, an announcement is made by the Admissions Office for Change of Degree Programme. Responding to this announcement make you eligible for a change from one department to another of your choice.

20.    What is a Registration number, and how do I get one?

         A Registration number is the same as a matriculation number. Refer to question 15.

21.    How do I pay my fees?

         There are designated banks, which are divided according to Faculties. When you pay within the right bank, you’re given a scratch card which you use within the school portal to finish your payment process.

22.    What do I do if my scratch card pin for fees payment is invalid?

         Report to the Admissions Office.